PLUS SIZE???????

What does plus size mean?  I think it is just the fashion industries or peoples way of addressing or trying to be nice to a woman that is not a size two without calling her fat?

Well as a teenager I was a size 10 with hips and boobs and as I got older, I slowly moved up to a size 12 and by the age of 21 which was when I got married, I think I was still a size 12.

After I got married I got pregnant and had my first child, my daughter and I quickly lost the weight through breast feeding and exercise. Nine years later I got pregnant again with my son, and let me tell you something, getting rid of that weight was the hardest thing I have ever attempted and please notice I did say attempted to do in my life.LOL

I think because I got caught up in the day to day rearing of my children, taking care of my husband and working, I lost focus of taking care of myself…Like most of us women do.

A few years later when I finally decided to take matters in hand and try to work on loosing some of the weight, it worked out pretty good I must say.  While I did not loose all the weight I wanted, I came to a place where I was happy with the way I looked.

Me in 2015

But for me, I find in looking back over my life, I have been happy at whatever size I was at any given time in my life because Lord knows there are seasons in our lives, and I do not think I know anyone that is still the same size they were when they were teenagers, or even if they are the size they desire to be at this latter stage of their lives.

In becoming a whole woman it takes a knowing and a sense of acceptance in who you are, so that you can now move into the full purpose of your life not being define by any label.

Me in 2018 un-touched photo

The acceptance is, this is where I am in my life at this point and time and I am good with this and it does not matter who has a problem with it. It is owning yourself and loving all that you are.

The knowing is knowing within yourself that you are doing the best things for your health, your life and knowing that you are and will continue to do what is necessary to make sure that you are in a good space, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally at all times.

Once you have gotten the acceptance and the knowing part down, this now becomes  your truth, so you can now start to live your life and be happy at any stage or size that you are in your life.

Me in another un-touched photo…just me!

Keeping in mind that Plus Size is not something that defines you but is a word that perhaps helps an industry or some people feel better about themselves when addressing you.

Today, I am a size 18 and I exercise five days a week while trying to eat as healthily as I can and do a healthy bout of juicing at least twice to three times a week and I am feeling and looking amazing…If I do say so myself.

Now see, that statement right there is one that I love because there was a time that I could not say that. The stuff that I am talking about in this piece is personal, I am not a size two and never have been and believe me when I say that I have never wanted to be.

In this day and this season of my life I am absolutely, positively, amazingly happy with who I am, challenges and all!



Author: Regina Whylly

Hi my name is Regina Whylly I am a mother of two, my daughter Iesha who is 28 years old now, wow! hard to believe and my son Stevejay who is now 19 years old and will be heading to college in August. I am the CEO of The Whole Woman Network, creators of and online television platform and the Executive Producer of The Whole Woman Television show. I live in Nassau, Bahamas one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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