I am a true believer that your clothing are to be versatile, this is one of the reasons I prefer to purchase pieces like skirts, tops and jackets.

In the past I would not buy to many dresses because I believed that you could basically only wear them once and then you had to wait a period of time before you could wear them again.

shheesh..that idea has gone out the window, lately I have been experimenting with all of the latest pieces of clothing that I have in my closet along with the old pieces and I am having myself a fabulous time.  I am mixing and matching and doing whatever the heck I please when it comes to putting pieces together.


Me in one of my favorite coverups, it is so versatile

For example, this dress is an awesome fitted dress with a lining that hugs my figure like a second skin, and for this occasion, I choose this floral coverup to complement this dress, and it look awesome.

Me at Potters Cay Dock in Nassau, Bahamas

Lawd I hate this hair do, what the heck was I thinking?

Here is what I am talking about when I said you need to make your garment earn its keep. For me, any item that I purchase has to be able to make the rounds of at least three outfits.

Above this is the same coverup, the only difference is that I have now used it with a nice pair of fitted jeans and a tank top. I have also worn this coverup with a pair of jeans shorts, a pink tank top and a pair of flats for a day out with my grandson.

You can go in your closet where you think you have nothing to wear and come out with more than twenty new and exciting outfits, just by mixing and matching what is already in there, give it a try!

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