For so long I was wanting a pair of thigh high boots and could not find one that could fit my thighs any where, finally two years ago I saw a pair I loved on Ashley Stewart and I ordered them and believe me when I tell you they are the most amazing pair of boots ever.

They are comfortable and sleek and sexy and I cannot wait for the little cold season that we get here in The Bahamas during the Christmas for me to put them on.

Me at Baha Mar last Christmas 2017

Since I found this pair and they were so awesome, I was thinking about purchasing another pair because I absolutely love a good pair of boots. The sad thing about that is, here in The Bahamas we practically have sun 365 days a year, so the first opportunity to put those puppies on I am on it! lol

Me at John Legend concert Atlantis Paradise Island 2016

Its hard to believe that this was two years ago, I was at that John Legend concert dancing and having a good time in my brand new, newly found thigh high boots (LOL)

Yes! Me wearing my boots at night out with girlfriends Christmas 2017

Ok, I know the boots look fabulous right? Lol absolutely love dem boots, right now I am thinking of what outfit I can put together to complement them for this Christmas season 2018! I CANNOT WAIT!

Author: Regina Whylly

Hi my name is Regina Whylly I am a mother of two, my daughter Iesha who is 28 years old now, wow! hard to believe and my son Stevejay who is now 19 years old and will be heading to college in August. I am the CEO of The Whole Woman Network, creators of and online television platform and the Executive Producer of The Whole Woman Television show. I live in Nassau, Bahamas one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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